Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Matab Brahimi

I couldn't help thinking today about my friends... when i was in high school i had a whole group of friends that i hung out with in school, on the weekends, and spoke endlessly on the phone with. Over the years I began to drift away from all of them. Now, when I think of it, I don't have a 'group of friends,' in fact i have a very small number of them. Sometimes it feels so irritating, to want to go out with some friends and not have many that can hang out.... But I do have a best friend.... she lives in New Jersey and I in New York so it's not so easy to hang out all the time... we talk everyday but its different than actually spending time together... so sometimes i want to reconnect with people and recreate my large group of friends.... but then i got to thinking.... I've known my best friend since the day i was born and she's like a sister to me... i mean really, she's regarded as a family member by everyone in my house..... she's the only one i can tell anything to and still have the greatest time talking about movies and books and guys and life and everything you can think of... thats when i realized... I'd rather just have her as my best friend than have a thousands friends i don't really connect with or enjoy their company..... My best friend is the best person i can ever hope to meet and i'd gladly give up many things for a friend like her! :-)


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  2. ooo by the way matab, i absolutely loved that time lapse art video you made!!! i put the link on facebook so anyone can click and see what my best friend can do ;-) hope you don't mind

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