Friday, March 12, 2010

The New Mr. Darcy

I am now at the part in Pride and Prejudice where Elizabeth stumbles onto Pemberely House and unexpectedly sees Mr. Darcy. She is falling in love with him and she is more embarrassed at seeing him after his proposal than anything.... but her feelings about him are changing! It's so beautiful reading those lines and feeling what Lizzy is feeling. She's conflicted and does not know what it is that she is feeling... I don't think that at this point she is fully aware that she is falling in love with him, she does feel something different towards him, but she thinks it's because she is ashamed of what she thought of him in the beginning. I love this new Darcy and can totally picture how Lizzy is feeling... she could not stand the sight of him because of false accusations, but now she knows his true character and she's falling in love with him! Now I remember what I loved so much about Pride and Prejudice :-) I am enjoying every page of it and although I do not want to stop reading I'll have to finish it... but I can always reread it again :-)

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